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QHLab2020… a Biography

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

An exploration of house-lives biographies in quarantined times, through the works of bachelor students from Politecnico di Milano, AUIC school.

March 2020: After a first wave in Asia, the spread of the Covid-19 in different countries of the world has lead many Governments to establish a series of lockdowns, asking people to stay at home in more or less restrictive ways. In some countries, the “quarantine” has lasted more than two months.

Follow the work on
The on-line Final Exhibition

The QHLab2020 Instagram profile
The QHLab2020 Pinterest account

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Affordable Housing Studio / Instant Exhibition

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020


Massimo Bricocoli, Gennaro Postiglione, Stefania Sabatinelli. In collaboration with the Research Team “ForDwell-DASTU Dipartimento d’Eccellenza”: Gaia Caramellino, Stefano Guidarini, Fabio Lepratto, Simona Pierini, Roberto Rizzi; and with AIUC School scholars: Barbara Brollo, Antonio Carvalho, Lorenzo Consalez, Elena Fontanella, Francesca Gotti, Marco Jacomella, Massimiliano Nastri, Ingrid Paoletti; in coopertion with Double Degree programme TU Graz prof. Andreas Lichtbau.

Guest Crits
Sonia Calzoni, Calzoni architetti
Giuliana Costa, DAStU, Polimi
Marianna Taborelli, DAR=Casa
Mikel van Gelederen, Zeinstra van Gelderen architects
Francesco Falzetta, Casa Jannacci
Sibil Sträuli, Pini&Sträuli

Presented works [by theme]
Housing Affordability: the framework
Age-friendly housing
Housing and Commons
Productive Environments
Re-housing typology


Follow up [Diploma works]
Omero School
Amirhossein Adelfar, Anamaria Giraldo, Jiarui Cui
(Diploma: Spring 2020)
Supervisors: Elena Fontanella, Fabio Lepratto

Housing and Commons
Living side by size 
Davide Antolini, Matteo Leverone, Simone Marzorati
(Diploma: Summer 2020)
Supervisors: Lorenzo Consalez, Marco Jacomella

Re-housing typology
Beyond Retrofitting
Alice Cajelli e Gianluca Gujù
(Diploma: Summer 2020)
Supervisors: Barbara Brollo, Gennaro Postiglione
Zero Type
Morena Amendolagine e Michela Stamin
(Diploma: Fall 2020)
Supervisors: Barbara Brollo, Gennaro Postiglione

Ordinary Courtyards
Valeria Righetti e Marta Sciarra
(Diploma: Fall 2020)
Supervisors: Gennaro Postiglione, Laura Pogliani

Transitional Housing in Milan
Emad Lajevardi
(Diploma: Fall 2020)
Supervisors: Gian Luca Brunetti, Francesca Gotti, Gennaro Postiglione 

GRZ.0 Final Seminar & Exhibition

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Former industrial buildings where, through some very simple objects, many religions are practised; gardens where, through an old carpet, an extension of a sitting room is created; a name-less square where, through bottle-caps or ropes, kids can play all together beyond any cultural background. The main square used for car washing; material fences and mental boundaries as an answer to urban fears related to ‘otherness’: migrants, teenagers going to a professional school, political activists.

This is the link to browse through students’ work and this the link to a video summary of the semester.

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AMa 2018 and 2019

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Architecture [quality] Matters 
Envisiong San Siro #1 and #2

The Architecture of Interiors Design Studio 2018 and 2019 have been inspired by the ever-increasing number of studies that in Italy and Europe are concerned with the need for an opportunity to intervene on the vast residential property built after WWII and, in particular, on the Social Housing building stock that constitutes for many Countries the most substantial part. This is due the European Energy road map (2012) that has fixed the ambitious goal to cut gas emission by the 85% by 2050, investing large amount of money for retrofitting interventions on public buildings, specially on housing stock.
We believe this is an opportunity for architects and also a risk for our built and urban environment if we do not take care of it since those intervention might be an incredible tool either for improving building and urban quality or to kill it: Architecture takes [or should take] command!

Browse through the projects booklets from the two AMa editions
AMa 2018 booklets
AMa 2019 booklets


ReCoDe! 2018 – Final Report

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

After a very intense semester, we are pleased to deliver the different Report booklets produced during the ReCoDe! 2018 Thematic Studio by an heroic group of students.

Just a quick program brief.
New forms of dwelling and of contemporary living have been envisioned starting from field work that brought up a collection of up to 50 different Social profiles (and their related needs, behaviours, etc.): 6 existing housing buildings in the city of Milano have been selected as case study, Re-shaped for hosting new possible inhabitants nucleus.

Here are the links for all work documents:
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ReSTa2017_Final Exam & Exhibition Seminar

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Abstract and work archive, in the following pages.

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ReCoDe! 2017 – Final Report

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

After a very intense semester, we are pleased to deliver the different Report booklets produced during the ReCoDe! Design Studio by an heroic group of students.

Just a quick program brief.
New forms of dwelling and of contemporary living have been envisioned starting from field work that brought up a collection of up to 50 different Social profiles (and their related needs, behaviours, etc.): 9 existing housing buildings in the city of Milano have been selected as case study, Re-shaped for hosting new possible inhabitants nucleus.
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TraSH Studio: Report 2016/17

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


Nelle pagine che seguono sono presentati gli esiti del laboratorio didattico in cui studenti di Architettura e di Urbanistica hanno lavorato congiuntamente sul tema dell’abitare temporaneo a Milano nel corso dell’anno accademico 2016/2017. Si tratta di un’esperienza curricolare inedita che ha visto la costituzione di gruppi misti di studenti del Laboratorio di Architecture of Interiors (Laurea Magistrale in Architecture) e di Housing and Neighbourhoods (Laurea Magistrale in Urban Planning and Policy Design).

Scarica la bozza del Report Finale

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lab-opz-amb-2014: Bella Lì – Instant Exhibition

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Spazio Mostre
Scuola di Architettura e Società
Politecnico di Milano

Download the flyer

Tutto il lavoro del laboratorio è organizzato e consultabile su Bella Lì blog

dal 15 luglio alla Triennale di Milano all’interno della mostra “Ri-formare Milano


lab-int1#MSc-2013: Utopia reloded: the Robin Hood Gardens

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Oggetto del lavoro è stato il complesso residenziale dei Robin Hood Gardens (1966-1972) di Alison and Peter Smithson che l’amministrazione comunale di Londra ha deciso nel 2009 di demolire per la cattiva condizione statica, igienica e sociale del complesso.
Il laboratorio di Progettazione degli Interni 1B, dopo una fase ricognitiva sui dati materiali e culturali legati all’immobile, affronta l’ipotesi di un progetto di recupero e riqualificazione per uno dei capolavori del brutalismo britannico.

Grazie alla collaborazione di Martina Pini e Marco Pioventini è stato possibile impaginare e pubblicare i due volumi consultabili su issuu:

RHG_Project proposals

RHG_Research book

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lab-int1#MSc-2012_On the Road is now ready

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The work undergone by students deal with the refurbishment of a dismissed Milanese petrol station that was designed and built in the beginning of the 50?s by Mario Bacciocchi. The building represents a very precious heritage for the city and for its owner, Eni S.p.A. As we started to research about the history of the building, and the company, we realized how intriguing this project might become if all the issues around it will be taken into account…

Here are the results: On the road: stazione di servizi – Milano

lab-int1#MSc-2011: Tram Tram

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Lab. Int-11
laboratorio de progettazione degli interni_2010-2011
Tram Tram: Civiche Officine Creative
facoltà di architetura e società
politecnico di milano

Proff.: Gennaro Postiglioni, Lorenzo Bini, Francesco Dolce
Tutors: Michela Bassanelli, Marco Lampugnani, Viola Lucioni, Valeria Mercogliano
Lucia Frescaroli, Stefano Leoni

Immaginiamo di lavorare in un parco, in un giardino, oppure in una piazza. Immaginiamo TRAM TRAM…

Link a tutti i post del laboratorio > lab-int 2011

lab-int2#MSc-2010: geografie dell’abbandono

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Laboratorio di Progettazione degli Interni 2/2010
Proff. Postiglione, Bini, Petrillo

Tutti i documenti al link:

Geografie dell’abbandono/Abruzzo

lab-int1#MSc-2009: MMilano urban spaces

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Tema del progetto è la valorizzazione commerciale dei “mezzanini” attraverso progetti di ristrutturazione e ampliamento che, nel rispetto del progetto di Albini, sappiano coniugare le necessità del Retail alle esigenze del progetto architettonico di Interni e della città.

gruppo docenti
Gennaro Postiglione, Lorenzo Bini, Francesco Dolce
Marco Lampugnani, Michela Bassanelli, Marco Di Nallo

Guarda nel book

lab-int1#MSc-2008: Civitella Retail Park

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Il progetto di recupero e valorizzazione del borgo medioevale di Civitella del Tronto (TR), formula una proposta generale che può intendersi come applicazione operativa della ricerca ‘Active-actions’: un paese quasi del tutto abbandonato viene rivitalizzato attraverso delle strategie progettuali alla piccola e alla grande scala che si fondano sul presupposto di considerare l’esistente una risorsa e il progetto una attività  di negoziazione sostenibile. In questo contesto operativo, a Civitella viene promossa la realizzazione del primo Centro Commerciale Naturale e Sostenibile con l’obiettivo di promuovere un diverso uso del territorio che ne determini come unica conseguenza lo sfruttamento sconsiderato.

To look inside the Year book “Civitella Retail Park” > click here

Download the PDF file [20.6MB]: Civitella Retail Park