QHLab2020… a Biography

June 16th, 2020

An exploration of house-lives biographies in quarantined times, through the works of bachelor students from Politecnico di Milano, AUIC school.

March 2020: After a first wave in Asia, the spread of the Covid-19 in different countries of the world has lead many Governments to establish a series of lockdowns, asking people to stay at home in more or less restrictive ways. In some countries, the “quarantine” has lasted more than two months.

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How the places where people usually live have been able to support such an exceptional situation? How kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, turned into offices, classrooms, gyms or cinemas, hosting activities traditionally taking place outside in the city? These are just some of the questions that have guided the students’ work in the Final Design Studio Quarantined house-lives. A biography.

Interior architecture surveys, ethnographic diaries and photographs, have been the tools to transform the quarantine into a Gulliver’s travel and to explore and narrate from different points of view a new domestic dimension.

The Studio has involved through online lectures more than fifty students in the third year of the Bachelor degree in Architecture, stuck in different Italian, European and Overseas cities.

A main aim of this work is training future architects to use direct participant observation to investigate the intertwining between people, spaces and daily practices, and develop projects more sensitive to sometimes hidden dimensions of domestic life.

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