lablog [lab= design laboratory, log= online chronology] is a blog available to anyone who is willing to investigate, research and share information on architecture-related disciplines.

the construction of lablog is a natural response to the need of keeping a ‘history’ of our teaching and research activities through the years and to the will to develop our investigations much further through a partecipated discussion.

lablog is conceived as a public resource for architecture students scholars and academics run by arch. lorenzo bini and prof. gennaro postiglione; they share their teaching, research and practice: Lorenzo Bini is actually the responsible to run the professional side this collaboration while Gennaro Postiglione is running the academic one.

although lablog‘s mother language is english, a good deal of information might be posted in italian when referred to specific student groups of our design laboratory.

a healthy copyleft is the main lablog policy. material from different sources is published on this blogsite with basically no restriction but maximum care for the due credits to the authors.

to communicate with us write to mail@lablog.org.uk …or more simply just start using lablog!

[pic by jep]