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Covid-19/an overview and some proposals

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

A clear and sharp overview on Covid-19 health and socio-economic impacts with some significant proposals.

“Covid-19 is the largest health and economic crisis of our generation. We are all bombarded by a lot of news, which are evolving quickly, are often highly technical, and have policy consequences that dramatically affect our lives”.

“Andrea Galeotti and I [Paolo Surico] felt the need to learn some tools to process this information and to understand and rationalise current health and economic policies. We [They] created a narrative to highlight different trade-offs which are part of: a) every health policy that attempts to flatten the contagion curve of Covid-19, and b) every economic policy that attempts to flatten the ‘recession curve’ caused by Covid-19″.

You find their video presentations here!

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QHLab2020… a Biography

Monday, March 16th, 2020

An exploration of house-lives biographies in quarantined times, through the works of bachelor students from Politecnico di Milano, AUIC school.

March 2020: After a first wave in Asia, the spread of the Covid-19 in different countries of the world has lead many Governments to establish a series of lockdowns, asking people to stay at home in more or less restrictive ways. In some countries, the “quarantine” has lasted more than two months.

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Cornavirus allert to share

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Dear all,
I have to share this report with you, and I will do within other networks too.
It is deadly urgent we all become aware about the actions we should all perform.

I forward a link to a scientific but descriptive report:

It is a long reading but if you are patient enough you can get a full sketch what we (Europe) are facing.

Do not underestimate the infection.
And I would also ask to share it within your own networks and media, please, since the relevance to be thoroughly informed is at the moment a key element in the battle.


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Concorso per studenti (di atenei lombardi)

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Concorso per studenti (di atenei lombardi): editing di una guida architettonica e di una guida all’arte sacra per la Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista a Milano (Gio Ponti, 1955-60).

Il contest promosso dalla Chiesa di San Luca evangelista a Milano è aperto a tutti studenti (anche non italiani) regolarmente iscritti ad uno degli atenei lombardi, alla data di scadenza del bando (ore 12:00 del 18/05/2020). Gli studenti potranno eventualmente consorziarsi in gruppo anche se appartenenti a atenei diversi.
Il testo complessivo da inserire nella Guida dovrà essere scritto in lingua italiana e lungo almeno di 30.000 battute spazi inclusi (20.000 per la Guida all’arte sacra), esclusi note, bibliografia ed eventuali apparati. Le immagini di accompagnamento non hanno l’obbligo di liberatoria ma tutti i crediti dovranno essere correttamente inseriti: il vincitore di ogni Guida dovrà essere in grado di consegnare successivamente le liberatorie delle immagini contenute nella versione finale.

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Semester start postponed to the 2nd of March

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020







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