Here is lablog architectural google-maps [archi-maps] page.

It collectes the maps edited by lablog or by lablog network. You are wellcome to contribute: send your proposal for a google-architectural-map and we will evalutate if to share it within our blog (mail at lablog dot org dot uk).

Here is the list we will update with all new insights and suggestions:


Milan l’è on gran Milan
[ed by E. Forestieri], 2013

Luigi Caccia Dominioni residential buildings in Milan
[by Lise Standaert], 2012

Architects – with works in Milan – in alphabetical order
[external link], 2011

Itinerari milanesi
[by C. Kiecknes], 2010

Milano for POLIMI guests
[by G. Postiglione], 2010

‘giramilano map 1’
[by E. Forestieri e M. Lampugnani], 2007



BARCELONA tour-de-force, 2011, by Marco lampugnani

Crazy MADRID, 2011, by Enrico Forestieri 2012, by Wingender Hovenier Architecten BV

Swedish Architectural guide [by lablog 2020 – on-going]