CM-Interiors/2010 #01: launching

September 26th, 2010

Dear students, as announced in the programme, you are all invited (the presence is compulsory) to take part at the two days interiors conference IFW2010 ‘Interior Words‘ the 5th and 6th October 2010.

Following are the main venus:

Tuesday the 5th: Facoltà di Architettura e Società, via Ampère 1, Milano

10.45 – 11.30
Plenary Session (aula Rogers)
Keynote speaker Mark Pimlott, TU Delft, the Netherlands

Wednesday the 6th: Facoltà di Architettura Civile, via Durando 10, Milano

5.00 – 5.45
Plenary Session (Aula De Carli)
Keynote speaker Aristide Antonas, University of Thessaly, Greece


The transformations now affecting contemporary society require a critical review of the ground rules that apply to architecture and interior design as disciplines and to the articulations between the two, as they face the challenge of today’s new, more complex forms of social organization. A prominent part of that review is due the critical research activity being developed both on contemporary architecture and on historical one, but also by “Research by Design”, where the beginnings of a radical exercise in critical investigation on Architecture, starting from Interiors, are immediately apparent.

Both teaching and research are showing signs of a change of focus: their concern is not only for the Interior in its essential manifestation (“the room”, for instance) but they are interested also in Built Environment, Public spaces and in Dwelling, as the expressive surroundings of our collective and private lives, using a multi-disciplinary approach.

This consideration may provide material and stimulus for worthwhile reflection aimed at discovering needs, methods, aims and contents for this unique activity, discussing together about ideas, concepts and thoughts that (in our view) are contained in, and expressed by, certain key words bearing on the basic characteristics that mould and re-mould Interiors – what we refer to as “Interior Wor[l]ds”.

Course topic

The premises laid down by the Course ‘Interior Architecture 2010’ is that in our globalised world it is possible to construct a single unified narrative – though one with different facets – or to describe/specify a complex constellation of Interiors by means of the words that characterise them.

The Course ‘Interior Architecture 2010’  is looking for the Interiors “key words”. Which are they? How many are there? What are they about? What stories, people, projects, architectural spaces and shapes do they conjure up? Are they declarations of intent? or of cultural manifestos? Are they words from the past that have survived into the present, or words of the present in which the future is germinating?


The course will take off

5-6 OCTOBER 2010 at Politecnico di Milano/Faculties of Architecture in Leonardo (the 5th) and Bovisa (the 6th).

participating at the

IFW2010 International Conference (

be aware

the Participation at the Conference is compulsory for students who wish to register at the Course ‘Interior Architecture 2010’.

List of speakers & themes (32 presentations) can be downloaded at the link:

Work to be done

During the semester, each student will work on a ‘key word’, editing a collection of interior works from XX th Century fitting his/her assigned ‘word’. There must be at least 10 works/projects every ten years but the final total should be of 99 since the 100th must be a personal interpretation of the word made by the student him/her-self.

The ‘key word’ collection will contain:

–       the paper presented at the IFW2010 conference by its author

–       two images for each work selected (information about pages format and lay-out will follow)

–       two images for own interpretation

–       a complete list of credits for all images presented (info necessary to recognize the work + info about the photographer)

A study trip will be planned to visit an interior master piece.

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