CM-int/2010 #04: exercise draft

October 31st, 2010

On Monday 08 NOV at h. 9:30 students will present their own book-draft (download the template) in a PDF format with:
– all the first part (cover, service pages, etc. > see the opening pages of IFW2010 book)
– the index (even now will be almost empty)
– the abstract and the paper you selected
– 4 or 5 images as example about the work you think is matching the requests of the course (read the info written in previouse posts)
> remember that for each images there is the need of a capition (150 words max long) explaining why the images presented is connected with the word/paper you selected.

Use font Helvetica (size 14/bold for titles; size 9/normal for text; size 12/bold/CAPITAL)
We will discuss about the lay-out, and checking your proposal we will improve information about.

PDF file
named: CHOSED WORD (in block letters)
light in definition: please remember we willlook at them at 72 dpi (800×600 pixel)
I think it should not go over 7 MB (that is already a lot)

The PDF file should be sent to:
by Sunday 08/11 noon (12:00 AM)

File received later will be not deleted: I need time to download and mount the presentation for Monday morning.


al llectures on the web:
at the bottom of the page: I will carry on adding file all through the course

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