CM-int/2010 #02: program & lectures

October 10th, 2010

The course will take off participating at the IFW2010 International Conference ( scheduled – as you can read from the website – for 5-6 OCT 2010 at Politecnico di Milano/Faculties of Architecture in Leonardo and Bovisa.

The Participation at the Conference is compulsory for students who wish to register at the Course Interior Architecture 2010.

List of speakers & themes: Interior Wor[l]ds

During the semester, each student will work on a ‘key word’, editing a collection of interior works from XX th Century fitting his/her assigned ‘word’ (download the template to be used). There must be at least 10 works/projects every ten years but the final total should be of 99 because the 100th is a personal interpretation of the word made by the student him/her-self.

The ‘key word’ collection-book will contain:

–    cover + nr. 3 opening service  pages with personal info and about the course
–    the paper selected from IFW2010 book [8.8MB]
–    ONE image for each work selected (by architect/designer/artist)
–    a caption for each image presented illustrating the connection with the theme
–    ONE image for own interpretation
–    a complete list of credits for all images presented
–    nr. 3 closing service pages + back cover

A study trip will be planned to visit an interior master piece…

For whom who arrived later and/or started today (101011):

lecture 101004: Interiors as Paradigma

lecture 101011: On Domesticity

lecture 101018: Tradition vs Modernity: Arne Korsmo own house

lecture 101025: Furniture Room Dwelling…

lecture 101115: Sverre Fehn: The Roof as Paradigm

lecture 101122: LC & the house for all

lecture 101215: On Tectonic

lecture 110117: Sigurd Lewerentz: Paradox of Construction

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