Skåne Architecture Guide

August 27th, 2021

Skåne [South of Sweden Region] Architecture Guide

This map traces both places I visited (red-drop) and places I wish to visit (yellow-drop). It is arranged by city and has a collective large Skåne Extended Area (collecting all the South of Sweden)
There is no special time span and buildings could be contemporary, modern, ancient, etc.: I am the only person responsible for the selection that actually follows my interests and my sensibility without any historiographical criteria. Despite the fact It is a totally subjective work, the collection contains knowledge about architecture embodied in architecture artefacts: it is about “built thoughts”. Each reader can eventually decide what to look at and what s/he is able to learn from it.
When you find a red-drop, it means I uploaded details about the work (mainly pictures shot by me and eventually, if of interest, some external links). At a later stage, I hope to collect also some drawings to add in each picture folder.
Last but not least, when you find a violet-drop, it means I consider the work a masterpiece.

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