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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

[by Lorenzo Sizzi, April 2019]

Opportunities arises from the desire to conceive a strategy capable of preventing the practice of uncontrolled and unconscious reuse of churches. The strategy is organized in two phases. The first is based on the study of the work of two architects and is aimed at understanding the church building, which culminates in the definition of four fundamental properties. The second concerns re-use and, thanks to the theoretical support of the documents of a workshop and three conferences on the subject, the aim is to analyze a selection of case studies by experimenting a qualitative evaluation method that works by dividing the intervention into two themes: program
and spatiality.


Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

[by Riccardo Mameli, April 2019]

The east Bund of Huangpu River is now required to include public space quality enhancement, ecological environment optimization and cultural function clustering. It is the perfect occasion for a re ection of the redevelopment of brown-fields in green elds. e purpose of the present thesis is to analyze and understand the current social, economic and political situation, in order to propose a suitable model capable to actively reinterpret the Chinese landscape.


Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

[by Federico Riva, July 2018]

The research aims to explore the relation between individuals and places in the contemporary city and to investigate the way the social dynamics can foster the process of integration in a more and more diverse and multi-ethnic society, taking as starting point the case of Campo Marzio in Vicenza.

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Sunday, June 9th, 2019

GRZ.0 Final Seminar & Exhibition

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Former industrial buildings where, through some very simple objects, many religions are practised; gardens where, through an old carpet, an extension of a sitting room is created; a name-less square where, through bottle-caps or ropes, kids can play all together beyond any cultural background. The main square used for car washing; material fences and mental boundaries as an answer to urban fears related to ‘otherness’: migrants, teenagers going to a professional school, political activists.

This is the link to browse through students’ work and this the link to a video summary of the semester.

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Adriano Cornoldi, in memoriam

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Politecnico di Milano
sala Riunioni edificio ex-Carta
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 26
29 Maggio 2019
h 15:30

lablog @ Napoli

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Lecture Series
I Maestri del Progetto

Gennaro Postiglione
Sigurd Lewerentz & Sverre Fehn
Parallelismi e convergenze tra tettonica e luce naturale

Scuola di Architettura di Napoli – Federico II
Palazzo Gravina
h 11:30 Aula 10

AMa2019 Housing Seminar

Friday, May 10th, 2019

21st May 2019
Room B.3.4 
Building 14 “Nave”
Politecnico di Milano
via Ponzio 31bis

AMa2019: Mid Term Seminar

Friday, April 26th, 2019

ReCoDe strategies and results

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

In the past three years, a multi-disciplinary group of colleagues at the Politecnico di Milano have been exploring trends in housing and dwelling practices and the need for new kinds of housing, policies and processes in Italy.
The research aims to identify innovative, up-to-date housing solutions (in terms of building types, furnishing, layout, management and promoters) capable of meeting the urgent housing needs created by the profound socio-demographic transformations that have taken place in the West over the last few decades.
Using a  Design driven Research approach, the presentation sets out to answer the following questions. What are the best solutions to solve the mismatch between housing demand and supply in the contemporary city? How can the housing market be made accessible and affordable for vulnerable households? How can the current housing stock be upgraded without causing gentrification? How can the legacy of the Architecture of Interiors fruitfully contribute to the social and urban transformations of the city environment?

To download the presentation, click here

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Monday, April 1st, 2019

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Monday, April 1st, 2019

AMa2019 Guest Lectures #02

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Double Guest Lecture
Ana Vaz Milheiro

Michela Pace

Tuesday 19/03/2019
14:00 – 16:00
room B.3.4
Politecnico di Milano

AMa2019 Guest Lectures #01

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Double Guest Lecture
Stefano Guidarini

Fabio Lepratto


Tuesday 12/03/2019
10:00 – 12:00
room B.3.4
Politecnico di Milano

AMa2019-source repository

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Envisioning San Siro #2

Here we list the main repositories for AMa2019 assignments

on San Siro
Writings by Mapping San Siro
Articles and publications on San Siro

on Social Housing & Retrofitting
Readings on Retrofitting & Regeneration projects
Readings on Social aspects connected with Housing