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Duston Staiths project

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

lablog has been invited to take part at the research project on going at The Newcastle Fin Art School “The Jetty project” run by prof. artist Wolfgang Weileder. The project is intended to promote and show how art work can be catalyst of public urban renewals and is focused on the Daston Staiths, an industrial infrastructure dismissed during the 90s (a 500 mt long pear all in wood). Lablog contribute will deal with the Adaptive Re-use concept and on how architectural design can achieve to exploit & enhance all potentiality and values of neglected, misused, abandoned built heritage.

The project will have a kick-off-meeting in March 2014 hosted by the prestigious Centre for Contemporary Art “Baltic” on the Tyne river in Newcastle.

lablog participation is part of the research project PRIN2010: Re-cycling Italy.

Material Contexts #2: Samantha Hardingham

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Giovedì 28 Novembre, Samantha Hardingham presenterà al Politecnico di Milano:  Cedric Price: the FEET have it

Samantha Hardingham è autrice e critica dell’architettura. ha studiato alla AA negli anni 1987-93. É stata Senior Research Fellow alla University of Westminster (2003-08), Visiting Scholar al Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal (2009), borsista della Graham Foundation nel 2012. Le sue ricerche approfondite sull’architetto britannico Cedric Price hanno permesso la pubblicazione di 
Cedric Price Opera (2003), Cedric Price Retriever (2007) and A Forward-minded Retrospective: Cedric Price Works 1958–2003 (2014).
É stata tutor di progettazione all’ Architectural Association fin dal 2006, dove oggi dirige il Diploma Unit 7 in collaborazione con David Greene degli Archigram.

Se avete perso la conferenza di Samantha Hardingham potete riascoltarla e vedere una selezione delle sue diapositive qui.

Politecnico di Milano
Facoltà di Architettura e Società (via Ampère, 2)
Aula Gamma, ore 18:00

Download the poster of Material Contexts

more info about MATERIAL CONTEXTS conferences and updatesbipolarch and lablog

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Form of Memories: Thinking about history in public places

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

[“Places of Remembrance” by Stih and Schnock, Berlin 1993]

lablog has been invited at the Newcastle Fine Art School [26NOV2013, at 16:00 in the seminar room at ground floor] for the lecture  “Form of Memories: Thinking about history in public places” as part of the REcall project initiatives.

The presentation deals with how monuments and memorials seem over time to have lost their effectiveness and have become empty simulacri of a remembrance and a memory they are no longer able to reactivate or keep alive. And this is where the investigation on traditional and new form of commemorative art works takes off.

Modernity, Interior Architecture and the Home

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

lablog is at KU Leuven for an intensive course on “interiors”: details about the initiative can be found at Athens courses while for details about the course download the programme.

Lectures presented: Architecture vs Furniture; On Architects’ own houses


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