Lab-int’09: midterms delivering

July 6th, 2009


Finally we are able to present all the intermediate work delivered by lab-int’09 students’ (design studio on interior architecture) during the Spring Semester. The dead line for final work presentation is planned for Friday 02 October in connection with a one-week exhibition.

Following the links to download the First delivering (090424: mapping, reading & presenting the working site) and Second one (090605: darft of the design proposal).

Hope you enjoy  the work.

gruppo 01: 090424-gr01; 090605-gr01

gruppo 02: 090424-gr02; 090605-gr02

gruppo 03: 090424-gr03; 090605-gr03

gruppo 04: 090424-gr04; 090605-gr04

gruppo 05: 090424-gr05; 090605-gr05

gruppo 06: 090424-gr06; 090605-gr06

gruppo 07: 090424-gr07; 090605-gr07

gruppo 08: 090424-gr08; 090605-gr08

gruppo 09: 090424-gr09; 090605-gr09

gruppo 10: 090424-gr10; 090605-gr10

gruppo 11: 090424-gr11; 090605-gr11

gruppo 12: 090424-gr12; 090605-gr12

gruppo 13: 090424-gr13; 090605-gr13

gruppo 14: 090424-gr14; 090605-gr14

gruppo 15: 090424-gr15; 090605-gr15

gruppo 16: 090424-gr16; 090605-gr16

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