ADSL-2011 update

November 28th, 2010
‘The progress’, Tino Sehgal, 2010

We already posted about ADSL 2011, the workshop week that will take place at Artesis, in Antwerp next February. Lorenzo Bini will lead one of the 12 workshops and Gennaro Postiglione will be one of the 6 guest lecturer.

Don’t forget that we still have 2 ‘wild cards’ to offer, which means that 2 valuable students will have the chance to join the workshop without paying any participation fee and will be offered free accommodation. Therefore mail us your cv ad portfolio now ( and check out Lorenzo’s workshop program after the break.

I’ve played this tomorrow

When Johnny Carter (Charlie Parker’s alias), in Julio Cortazar’s short story The Pursuer, suddendly stops in the middle of his solo and cries ‘I’ve already played this tomorrow’, the logical limits of time and space proper of human nature are brought into question.

The practice of architecture has, more than any other discipline (like playing music, producing artworks or writing books), the power of freezing a process into a conclusion. Thus, every time a new construction is juxtaposed to, added onto, or inserted into an existing one, the architect is challenged to deal with an issue of congruence, and this has to do with time as much as it has with space.

Imagining now – namely in a different moment – a physical structure in a close spatial relation with something ‘that is already there’ is the ambition of this workshop. The congruence, or opposition, between an existing (past-present) and a new (future) construction will be the main concern in our discussions.

A distinguished building in Antwerp will be selected as the recipient of our metaphorical embraces.

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