White Christmas 2009

December 23rd, 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Milan after a snow-storm)

Following links to download papers and articles edited by Gennaro Postiglione during 2009:

090206_Adriano Cornoldi-in memoriam

090223_Sverre Fehn-in memoriam

L’Italia dei Borghi dimenticati_Aftenposten [April 2009]

Sulle orme di Sverre Fehn_exhibition-catalogue [Palermo JUN 2009]

OCCUPATION Conference [Edinburgh 2-4 JUL 2009]

The Backstage of Cultural-Landscape mosaic [Gorizia 24-25 SEP 2009]

SVERRE FEHN_Area no. 106

Padiglione Nordico a Venezia_080523 [essay: forthcoming publication]

UNPLUGGED ITALY [book: forthcoming publication]

Call ‘Interior Territories’: IDEA Journal 2009 [Proposal]

Call Kingston-2010 ‘INTERIOR LIVES’ [Proposal: 13-14 MAy 2010, London]

Call ‘The Museum 2010’ [Proposal: 17-19 MAY 2010, Taipei]

Member of the Board of Interiors-journal [Berg Publisher]

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