Un-useful: delivering exercise #4

November 12th, 2008

Helmi Malkonen 1

CM-interni ’08 exercise # 4 (UN-USEFUL) requires to transform a real existent building, site, space, etc. into something astonishing, with lightness and poetry, in order to make people full of wonder [wonder-full]. It is important to work within the ‘Everyday scape’ and not to search for abstract configuration.

(to know more about the course see the Post UN-USEFUL o l’inutile indispensabile).

Selected works: authors whose work is not presented have to improve their commitment to the general requests of this exercise.

Iovieno Stefania

Le Coadic Francois

Viktoriya Georgieva 2

Raphael Falcone

Renee Lewis 1

Viktoriya Georgieva 3

Renee Lewis 2

Markus Deutsch

Helmi Malkonen 2

Turkan Oya Ekmekci

Le Coadic Francois 1

Helmi Malkonen 3

Alessandro Leanti

Federico Manfredini

Mayra Donati

Viktoriya Georgieva 4

Simone Gritti

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