SOS abitare: delivering exercise #1

October 25th, 2008


CM-interni ’08 (exercise SOS abitare#1) requires to improve the solution presented in the article SOS abitare 478: each students has to deliver is better design for the proposed task (to know more about the course see the Post UN-USEFUL o l’inutile indispensabile).

Only hand drawings: please take note of all tech-info delivered for a better representation of Furniture (see the link)

Selected works (with some small correction on) are collected here: authors whose work is not presented have to improve their commitment to the general requests of this exercise.

Fresne Manon

Bernardo Faglia

Giacomo Mongelli-1

Giacomo Mongelli-2

Giacomo Mongelli-3



Monica Lucarelli


Silvia Lista

Simone Gritti

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