ReCoDe! 2018 – Final Report

September 9th, 2018

After a very intense semester, we are pleased to deliver the different Report booklets produced during the ReCoDe! 2018 Thematic Studio by an heroic group of students.

Just a quick program brief.
New forms of dwelling and of contemporary living have been envisioned starting from field work that brought up a collection of up to 50 different Social profiles (and their related needs, behaviours, etc.): 6 existing housing buildings in the city of Milano have been selected as case study, Re-shaped for hosting new possible inhabitants nucleus.

Here are the links for all work documents:

0. ReCoDe all about

1. The Atlas of Unconventional Households
Atlas Vol 1
Atlas Vol 2

2. The six Case Study
Grattacielo Baselli
Booklet-project: GR01 – GR02 – GR03
Leporello-project: GR01 – GR02 – GR03
Furnished Section 1/20: GR01GR02 – GR03

via Gola
Booklet-project: GR04GR05GR06
Leporello-project: GR04 – GR05GR06
Furnished Section 1/20: GR04 – GR05 – GR06

La Viridiana
Booklet-project: GR07 – GR08GR09
Leporello-project: GR07 – GR08GR09
Furnished Section 1/20: GR07 – GR08 – GR09

via Plinio
Booklet-project: GR10
Leporello-project: GR10
Furnished Section 1/20: GR10

Quartiere Mazzini
Booklet-project: GR11GR12
Leporello-project: GR11GR12
Furnished Section 1/20: GR11GR12

via Abbiati
Booklet-project: GR13 – GR14 – GR15
Leporello-project: GR13GR14GR15
Furnished Section 1/20: GR13GR14GR15

Re Co.De!
reshaping contemporary dwelling

Thematic Design Studio – BA Architectural Design
AUIC School – Politecnico di Milano
A.A. 2017/18

Proff. Massimo Bricocoli, Rodrigo Pemjean, Gennaro Postiglione
Arch. Martina Bovo | Tommaso Raimondi | Tommaso Vacchi

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