ReCoDe! 2017 – Final Report

July 23rd, 2017

After a very intense semester, we are pleased to deliver the different Report booklets produced during the ReCoDe! Design Studio by an heroic group of students.

Just a quick program brief.
New forms of dwelling and of contemporary living have been envisioned starting from field work that brought up a collection of up to 50 different Social profiles (and their related needs, behaviours, etc.): 9 existing housing buildings in the city of Milano have been selected as case study, Re-shaped for hosting new possible inhabitants nucleus.

Here are the links for all work documents:
1. The Atlas of Social Profiles

2. The six Case Study booklets
Quartiere Adriano
via Vanvitelli
viale Certosa
via Piranesi

3. The 10 Design proposals
The Atlas of Aggregations
The Atlas of Typologies
The Atlas of Maquettes

4. Exhibition
Pics of ReCoDe exhibition
Politecnico di Milano
School of Architecture
Entrance Hall
via Ampère 2

Re Co.De!
reshaping contemporary dwelling

Thematic Design Studio – BA Architectural Design
AUIC School – Politecnico di Milano
A.A. 2016/17

Proff. Massimo Bricocoli, Giovanni Hanninen,
Gennaro Postiglione + Rodrigo Pemjean
Arch. F Conti, S Coutsoucos, M Ignaccolo, M Kapitonova,
S Pirina


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