IP Bologna I Team 04 work

April 20th, 2012

During the two weeks in Bologna for the IP Creating a Context workshop we – Team group 04 – finally realized a work consisting of both a physical installation and a video projection.

The work focused on Bologna graffiti dealing with the theme of the un-listened voices of bolognese citizens (didn’t matter if Italian, toursits, students, etc.): voices with no sounds, as re-presented in the video interviews edited in the city centre asking invited speakers to deliver a free speach without using the voice in front of our camera corder.

At the same time, in the gallery space of House of Front, where the final show was arranged, together with the video sequences there was also an installation realized using white building blocks of gasbeton.

The blocks were used to build a ‘temporary wall’ in two specific sites in the city centre of Bologna: during the period the wall was ‘exposed’ in the city it collected some graffiti on its surface. Moved to the show venue, the blocks were mounted again but in the shape of a compact cube, a basement for a monument, an implosed wall were only traces of the graffiti could be perceived from outside: all the surfaces with writings and graffiti were orinted inwards in order not to show any explicit graffiti outside.

The process, the involvement, the density of the work, testimony of  Team 04 energy and efforts: great work which left all of us quite satisfied.

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