CI-Adaptive Reuse-2012 | START

March 13th, 2012

CI-Adaptive Reuse
Opening lecture
14 March 2012
h 10:15
classroom B4.1

Download Gennaro Postiglione presentation here [8MB].

The course will have some collective lectures – together with the twin course run by prof Luca Basso Peressut – but mainly is devoted to revisions, tutoring and seminar presentations of Diploma works. This means students enrolled in our course should presumably develop their Final work with us (either with prof Postiglione, either with prof Bini, wither with prof Dolce/Technology): some diploma works developed in our units are visible at the following link:
Who could be interested, since one of the main question in producing a Final work is to identify the Theme (that comes out from a research and a reflection before any act of design), we would invite to start to participate at our ‘Diploma start-up meeting’.
Some constrains for 2012 strand:
–      the work must deal with an ‘adaptive re-use’                                                 (;

–        the work should deal with what we call ‘MeLa topics’ (

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