Norway attacks

July 24th, 2011


Few weeks ago, in Italy, we delivered a volume and an exhibition (MACRO-Testaccio in Rome untill 14/08/2011) titled “AREA Norway”, a monographic issue of the architecture magazine all about Oslo and Norway. Nature was the protagonist. Now, the same landscape tells stories of an incredible horrible event: a double attack to Norwegians where almost 100 people died. This was possible only due the peacefull trusting friendly Norwegian mode: never thinking about hevil and stupid actions. A Country where, in a such occasion, the Royal family and the politicians did not refrain to crying in front of the large mass of people gathering in the Oslo Cathedral to take part at the celebration for the victims.

We would like to express all our pain and nearness to Norway and to all Norwegians, with the hope they will never lose their inncence towards life and world.

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