Lab-int’09: final presentation

September 30th, 2009

Finally, October the 2nd (10.00 o’clock in Spazio mostre), students of Lab-int’09 will present their semester work. Together with all teaching Staff (proff. Lorenzo Bini, Francesco Dolce, Gennaro Postiglione), the esternal invited critics are Ing. Degani (ATM), Ing. Crapanzano (MM), prof. Forino (Politecnico di Milano), prof. Pogliani (Politecnico di Milano), prof. Porcaro (Politecnico di Milano).

Go further, if you wish to download students’ presentations.

Introduction by prof. Postiglione (lab-int’09 leader)

Bande Nere 1

Bande Nere 2

Bisceglie 1

Bisceglie 2

De Angeli 1

De Angeli 2

Gambara 1

Lima 1

Lima 2

Loreto 1

Loreto 2

Porta Venezia 1

Porta Venezia 2

Wagner 1

Wagner 2

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