Per Adriano

August 2nd, 2009


[Bruce Nauman, Topological Gardens, IUAV-Tolentini, 2009]

Last February, the friend and Maestro Adriano Cornoldi unaspected died. Professor in Interior Architecture at IUAV-Venice, in 2007 Adriano arranged the International Conference in Interior “Intervenire sull’esistente/Acting up-on the existent”; as the first one, in 2005, the venue was the Aula Magna of IUAV-Architecture at Tolentini (with its main entrance by Carlo Scarpa). As a homage to his teaching and legacy, I attach a small video-shot taken during the Bruce Nauman installation “Topological Gardens” arranged for the 53rd Art Biennale 2009: the Aula Magna of Tolentini is completely empty and filled only by voices repeting week-day names.

For me, it was the emptynes of Adriano absence to be presented. And I had the wish to share this feeling with all who got in touch with him along the time.

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