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July 21st, 2009


Finally, after a month we are ready to share some of our pics taken during the study trip to Oslo (27/05-02/06 2009). What as been peculiar in this experience, compared to other similar trips, it was the opportunity to meet the architects authors of the works visited in their own studio and having them tutoring around. Moreover, the authors also introduced themselves through a sort of lecture where presented their work and thought.

During the few, and intense, days we had the chance also the experience the long daylight, the incredible warm sun and the picknic in Wigeland Park, with wine beer barbecue and the beautiful viking girls and boys: unforgettable!

The galleries were arranged by Claudia Brunelli, Rossella Destefani, Margherita Parati starting from student shots: actually it is not always very clear the selection criteria in terms of sequence and of content but so far it all we have. The storeybord is by Gennaro Postiglione.

Hope you enjoy the trip.

We started our trip meeting all together in the AHO cantine, the bar of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design: a masterpiece by two young and skillful architects: Jarmund&Vigsnaes. After the all day sightseeing both the architecture and the school, meeting students and professors, we moved downtown to the new Museum of Architecture by Sverre Fehn. Here we got a long guided tour into the main exhibition: Snoetta monuments! But we also got a short introduction into Norwegian History of Architecture by Eva Madshus who told us about the Modern pioneers and the actual stars. The day ended with three lectures by Italian architects invited to present their work within the initiative UNPLUGGED ITALY. Spoiled by the long day, we tried to reach DogA where more than three hundred people were listening at the one-hour sequence of 5 minutes presentation by Norwegian emerging architects and designers. Finally, the day ended in a bar, with beer and other kind of strong shots.

In our touring we visited the office of Hille-Strandskogen and two of their houses: one build an the other under construction. Henrik Hille was waiting for us wellcoming in his two rooms office where he presented how they work before starting a long trip to the building site. Coming back from Bygdoy, we rushed at AHO where Knut Kjeltnes was waiting for us in the cantine, from where we moved into a seminar room for a presentation of some of his works. Soon after, we took a ride with the metro to reach Smestad where he was waiting in front of one of his villas. The day ended up at Vigsnaes&Jarmund office, in the city centre, where Hakon was waiting for us with wine water and coffee. The office was preparing the final drawings for a competion and all the architects were working very hard while Hakon, in front of a series of maquettes and drawings, told us about the different scale the office use to work and how the maquette was for them the main architectonic tool: one hour rushed away very soon and we had to leave the office to their committments. Jarmund&Vigsnaes was also the office in charge of the design of the new AHO building, the school of architecture and design in Oslo. A place where every archi-students would love and dream to study. The day ended in a bar, with beer and other kind of strong shots.

The day after, we had a long visit to AHO building before visiting the new Oslo Opera House by Snoetta, the largest architects’ company in Norway, with hudreds of people working. After we started a long trip on metro to visit the most exciting stations of T-bane, since this was our main task in our Design Stduio at the Politecnico di Milano. As usual, the day ended in a bar, with beer and other kind of strong shots.

On Saturday, we finally moved to Mortensurd church to visit a building by Jensen&Skodvin: a sort of mix between an industrial building and a sacred site. After a deep visit to all rooms, we started our trip down to their office where both Jan Olav Jensen and Borre Skodvink were waiting for us. An industrial loft where almost nothing was done to as refurbushing. There an inspiring lecture guided us through their main works: we had really a great time even we started to be tired for the density of our days.

last Suday together was used for a trip outside Oslo, to Hamar where to visit Sverre Fehn masterpiece: the Hedemark Museum. The day was very hot an all Norwegian were bathing in Mjosa-lake while we were walking along the shore to reach the museum. Last but not the least, few shots of Sverre Fehn Gyldendal Publisher house in Oslo.

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