March 17th, 2009


UNPLUGGED ITALY is a series of Architecture Lectures (at Museum of Architecture and at AHO) by Italian architects whose work & offices are not published in the Italian main architectural press (very much involved with international archi-star system). In contrast with the wide presence of architecture publisher houses (probably the highest in all Europe or even in the whole Globe) and with the highest % of Schools of Architecture in Europe, in Italy there is a lack of information about the average production/professionality: Italian architects if not of a really “international dimension” are very often forgotten or dismised even before they can express all their potentiality.

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Therefore UNPLUGGED ITALY wishes to brake the actual situation, promoting a consciousness about what is “going on” in Italy; and to do this starts from abroad (in Norway now) because it is clear there are countries where architectural debate is not a private discussion among huge personalities, and it can be developed through a widespread and bottom-up dimension.

Hopefully, the Norwegian experience will produce some good feed back also in Italy.
There will be a meeting every month, starting on March 26; the structure is that 3 offices will present each time only 3 of their works introduced by an Italian critic and with a Norwegian discussant who will take care of the closing remarks.
The conferences are promoted by The Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo with logistics support of the Museum of Architecture and AHO where, between 14.04 and 26.04, there will be an exhibition presenting the work of the selected 9 firms.

Lnks to offices


SDGRstudio (Caserta)

Studioazero (Brescia)/Transit (Milano)

lacasasullalbero (Roma)


AION (Siracusa)

studiometrico (Milano)

2A+P (Roma)




FGP S.T.udio (Napoli)

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