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September 19th, 2008


10 – 14 November 2008, Prishtina, Kosova

[Hotel Victory, Prishtina. source: Chirgy‘s Flickr album ]

Paul Burgstaller and Ursula Faix from bad architects group are currently teaching Urban Design at the University for Business and Technology in Prishtina, Kosova and have invited us (Gennaro Postiglione and Lorenzo Bini) to lead a joined workshop in Prishtina in November. We are therefore inviting students from Politecnico di Milano that might be interested in partecipating to send a brief curriculum and an application – as well as any question or further information – to Our wish is to be able to select around 12 students before the end of September in order to organize the trip to Prishtina with the necessary advance.


The main workshop topic is ‘The Ecologies of Ientity’, its specific focus is Pristina, Kosovo. The definitions and potentials of the different, proposed ‘Ecologies’ will be further developed and presented by the tutors at the beginning of the Workshop. The outputs of the workshop should be the elaboration, visualization and the presentation of different scenarios for Kosova or Prishtina from an architectural and/or territorial perspective. The media and ambition of each presentation will be defined according to the development of the specific students projects during the workshop, and will be therefore agreed between tutors and students. In any case each group will be asked to develop arguments, diagrams and illustrations for their scenarios.

Preliminary work

Students from Milan will be asked to produce their own, individual (and probably unconscious) ‘Image’ of Prishtina. They should imagine and describe 24hours of the Kosovarian life in Prishtina, reduce it to a ‘6 minutes presentation’ and locate it on a manipulated map of the City. This preliminary research should be developed and presented individually and based on the reflected, media generated image of Prishtina/Kosova.

6 minutes presentation’
media can be chosen by students (video, sound, images, maps, slideshow, model, etc..)
Prishtina imaginary map
A3 map of the location (approx. 1:10.000)
Submission deadline: 081110

Students from Prishtina will Produce, collect, and find material about Prishtina and the different ‘Ecologies of Identity’ This preliminary work should be a research on the different ‘classical’ topics like demography, geography, planning, etc.. and will be developed from the beginning of the semester on the guidance of Prof. Paul Burgstaller and Prof. Ursula Faix.

A4 pages of the content / pdf for presentation
Submission deadline: 081110

Practical information

‘Hotel Victory’ approximately 80 € per night for a single room (un-negotiated) or check in pristina_inyourpocket_2007
As an alternative it should be possible to stay with local students
see for airplane fares
Daily expenses are very low compared to italian standards (Espresso: 0,50 €, Cigarettes: 1,50 €)
(additional info see ‘pristine in your pocket’)


081109 – Arrival

081110 – Day 1
Presentation: Works by the Students from Milan
Presentation: Works by the Students from Pristina
Hand-Out: Data Material DVD
Formation of groups (international Groups, 2-4 Students)
Sightseeing of Pristina highlights related to students’ presentations (both from Milan & Pristina)
Presentation of the Workshop themes by the Tutors
Hand-Out: workshop topic ‘Working on the Ecologies of ID’ in
different scales (City > Region > Nation)

081111 – Day 2
Work session + discussions

081112 – Day 3
Lecture (45minutes)
Individual group critiques, definition of projects objectives and outputs

081113 – Day 4
Lecture (45 minutes)
Work session + discussions

081114 – Day 5
Work session + presentations

081115 – Day 6
Final presentation (optional)

Download draft document: Ecologies of Identity

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