NUS-project on air

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Thematic design studio 2013


NUS – New Urban Scapes

from design to curatorial practice


Spring Semester 2013 at POLIMI
Gennaro Postiglione, Antonio Longo, Talita Medina & Marco Lampugnani, Enrico Forestieri

NUS – project will be active in Milan, italy, in 2013, focusing on concrete urban issues.

NUS will develop material or immaterial design solutions (systemic and diffuse or site specific, crossing the different scales) dealing with everyday living needs of the people, and considering the many aspects that contribute to the habitability of the city.

We would like NUS developing projects that are the core for quick and effective Diploma work. We would like as well to find people that share this approach: enrollement open for the Spring Seemester 2013 at POLIMI.

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