ReCoDe! Ass #01.1 + #01.2

Monday, March 13th, 2017

ASS. 01.1
Delivery: 20th March

The goal is to understand the complexity of contemporary dwelling through the study of new ways to live.

You’ll start from analysing your own habitat, later on you’ll map some case studies between your friends and your acquaintances.

For Ass.01.1 every student has to report his own habitat. Starting from a simple reflection on how many beds you have at your disposal, through a photo survey describe the space you live in, and sketch the plan to report space and relations.

the Assignment 0.1.1 brief
the Assignment 0.1.1 Delivery templat

For Ass.01.1 every student has to report at least one sample of family/nucleus for each of the Age-range we fixed (referred to his/her contact person) with some brief information.

– The Assignment 0.1.2 Delivery template