Form of Memories: Thinking about history in public places

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

[“Places of Remembrance” by Stih and Schnock, Berlin 1993]

lablog has been invited at the Newcastle Fine Art School [26NOV2013, at 16:00 in the seminar room at ground floor] for the lecture  “Form of Memories: Thinking about history in public places” as part of the REcall project initiatives.

The presentation deals with how monuments and memorials seem over time to have lost their effectiveness and have become empty simulacri of a remembrance and a memory they are no longer able to reactivate or keep alive. And this is where the investigation on traditional and new form of commemorative art works takes off.

Competing Memories

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Lablog was invited to deliver a speech to the Competing Memories 4 Day Seminar, an interdisciplinary conference addressing the politics of heritage and memory, identity and occupation, European political integration and citizenship as well as the theoretical implications of totalitarianism, terror, trauma, genocide and mass violence.

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