Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Balloons’ sky

Thursday, July 5th, 2018



This project is called “Balloons’ sky”, it was developed during the course of Interior Architecture in the “Politecnico di Milano”. It is an example of architectural temporary installation, it consists in creating an artificial coloured roof on a square in order to give people a new enjoyable space to rest and live in.

The concept is simple, it is all about a plastic net hooked up to trees or ledges by plastic ropes at the borders and in the centre, just to lift the net up to prevent the exit of the balloons, which will be already inflated. In fact, They will be provided to passers-by who will be actively involved in this architectural creation. The new roof will be done quickly.

The aim of this project is to let the citizens create their own architecture, giving the possibility to adults and children to collaborate to create something that could temporary change a part of the city, providing it a new face. Thanks to this kind of simple transformation we could obtain new spaces, completely different from what we had before the installation. Inside the space created people can find a colourful, safe and relaxing environment, far from the incessant and frenetic rhythm of the city, more private, able to give shelter in sunny days, becoming a nice and particular stopping point for everyone.

In general, an area to be defined a gift for the entire population has to be a place in which people love to stay and live. From a little modification it can produce sensitive changes to everyday life, making the city more human and livable.

First of all citizenship needs spaces that they can understand, which they can use in the way they want.

This architectural game is made for everyone, easy to build and enjoy, it is able to give the society a renewed place open to countless new uses, from the children’s play to the older’s rest.

Alessio Genna



Gizmo | RUBRICA SCUOLE | call for submissions

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


Call for submissions

Chiediamo agli studenti iscritti alle Scuole di architettura italiane di inviarci il loro progetto più significativo, o che comunque meglio rappresenta la propria scuola di appartenenza. Il progetto dovrà essere stato elaborato all’interno di un laboratorio di progettazione negli anni accademici 2012-13, 2013-14 o 2014-15.

Il progetto dovrà essere illustrato attraverso un breve testo esplicativo (massimo 3000 battute) e le tavole solitamente richieste dai laboratori di progettazione (masterplan, planivolumetrico, pianta piano terra, pianta piano tipo, eventuali altre piante se ritenute significative, sezioni, prospetti, dettagli, viste prospettiche, se necessario fotografie del modello). Andranno segnalati l’ateneo e la scuola di provenienza, il docente titolare del laboratorio di progettazione nel quale è stato elaborato il progetto, la durata del laboratorio (semestrale, annuale o biennale) e la valutazione assegnata al progetto.

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10 rules for students and teachers

Saturday, September 29th, 2012