Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: 1:10 detail window model

July 11th, 2018

This model was made as part of the design and construction studio. It is a detail model in scale 1:10 of one of the windows of a student accommodation in Milan, near Porta Garibaldi. The building sits at the border between a rapidly developing area and an area of historical interest. The façade of the building was composed of these extruded angled windows. The design aim behind these windows was to give some intensity and playfulness to the façade, create a place for sitting, studying and contemplation, and maximize the amount of light that enters each room. The orientation of the windows varied for each façade. The aim of the model was to represent the construction of this part of the building but also to demonstrate the spatial interior quality of the window which provides a free space for the students to use. The building is made out of brick and its structure is metal frame. The window is a prefabricated element which could be transported on site and immediately installed.

Group project

Taylor Helmer, Melina Koutra, Ahmed Khalid Badr

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