Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL The Peninsula of Arts

July 7th, 2018

The title of this exhibition is “Architecture as a gift to people”, a common saying says that “Art is a gift to the soul”.
Our aim for this project was to give people of any age the possibility to live a space which, being composed of green, water, light and solid masses could inspire people, giving them the possibility to socialize, enjoy and be part of this circular art production “Peninsula” we created for Brera’s students and the whole community.
The idea behind this project was in fact to generate spaces for the young artists to work on their art pieces, present and then expose them to the public.

The movement of light and shadow together with the role of transparency were crucial while conceiving this project since the early design phases, such needs are directly transferred in the use of large continuous glazed surfaces and in the folding roof coverings which produce a vibrant rhythm in the main building to which they belong.

The Peninsula is a system composed of three elements:
– the building of the ex. Leva, now dedicated to workshops with plenty of natural light and a cultural cafè to present and discuss the early stages of an art piece;
– the auditorium, to get inspiration by conferences, classes of major artists and present the final elaborates to the educational committee
– the museum, to temporarily expose the art pieces.

The museum is characterised by a continuous ramp which connects the three thematic levels of the exhibition space. Such levels are dig in the ground to prove that to really get the meaning of a work of art you should never stop at the surface, but instead, carve as much as possible into its true essence.

We introduced glazed facades on two sides as we wanted to guarantee a visual connection between the ex leva and the street through the museum, which acts as a filter.
Such intervention was made to prove that artistic creation is a process which allows you to broaden and enrich your vision of the world thanks to the beauty and meaning that are intrinsically present in it.

This is, to us, what a gift really is.



Project by Beatrice Marino and Martina Marino

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