July 6th, 2018

The aim of this project was to design a sports complex in Bovisa Politecnico di Milano campus. The area is situated between Politecnico University and student’s residance, so it is a perfect place for implementing sport facilities and creating unique and continuos complex. Apart from other sports facilities, main accent is put on the swimming pool which was chosen to be the center of activities and gaining of the youth.
Swimming pool is located in a way to provide certain privacy to the swimmers but also to create pleasent atmosphere and view towards the complex and greenery.
Considering the span of the building it was a challange to design a structure, both strong enough to sustain the weight but also light and elegant in terms of aesthetics. Glulam wafle structure was chosen as a perfect answer to such a challenge. Structural net made out of numerous beams creates perfectly sustainable structure in terms of statics while timber as a material helps in acheaving more warm and domestic atmosphere inside the building. Designed as a single cureved structure and avoiding rough edges the effect of fluency and elegancy can be senced observing both from inside and outside. Voids between joimed veams are covered in timber or glass. This muxture of materials helps in creating dynamic interior in terms of light. Glass panels provide with big amount of light while timber panels protect from overheating. This also creates an interesting play of shadows and lights creating different ambient during the day acording to the weather and sun position.
It is important also to mention three main characteristics of the designed structure: modularity, reversibility and seasonability.
This kind of structure helps creating more stable system with reduced dimensions of structural elements, which means that all beams could be designed as elegant and light as possible. All these elements are modular, which means that they can be prefabricated and easily transported to the site, where they can be connected and lifted. If needed, structure can also be easily deconstructed and transported to another location. Mechanically openable roof panels, make the structure seasonable, which means that during the warm days 90 percent of the roof panels could be open and can create the effect of semi open space. Using both glass and timber for these panels, sunlight that can enter the building is controlled avoiding the overheating of the building.

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