Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: elementSansiro

July 6th, 2018

During the Interior Design Studio held by professors Rizzi and Sarto, ended some days
ago, we focused on the regeneration of the popular neighbourhood of San Siro in Milan.
We designed a masterplan in order to make the area more attractive and functional both to
the inhabitants and to the citizens in general and then we focused on the interior design of
some buildings of the neighbourhood. For example, regarding the topic of freespace as a
free and additional space given to the users in order to answer to their unspoken wishes,
we decided to provide each apartment with a particular service stripe. We started from the
statement that one of the most popular problems for poor inhabitants is usually the lack of
possibility to buy kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe furniture. These interior devices are
essential in order to have a decent life and they are also connected with the ones of the
other apartments for engineering problems. For these reasons, we decided to provide
users with these devices, designing a service stripe which becomes a recognisable interior
mark in each apartment. The service stripe is deep 1.90m, the minimum in order to have a
comfortable bathroom and a bookshelf for the living room, and it has a height of 2.70m,
while the other spaces are 3.00m high: the device of the suspended ceiling also allowed
us to concentrate there the plant design, without stealing space to the main rooms of the
apartment. Moreover, in order to differentiate this service stripe from the other parts of the
house, we decided to use the common pietra terrazzo as pavement, while the other spaces
have parquet, and to characterise the furniture with a matt grey surface. In this way, the
new inhabitants of these popular houses in San Siro on their arrivals find this fixed service
stripe with all the expensive needed devices and they are free to decorate the other free
spaces of the house in the way they prefer with their favourite furniture.

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