Skate Experience

July 5th, 2018

During our visit to Genova, we realized that there is a similarity in how people interact with public spaces there. Most of the Piazzas in the historic city centre are tourist attractions without a dedicated function except the shops and cafes around them. But some of the piazzas have a church, a government or a public building which dominates the public space and gives its context.

Piazza di San Matteo falls under the same category. The Church of San Matteo is the main building of the piazza which is almost 900 years old and actually forms the piazza after itself.

When we started to evaluate our options about what we can give to this public area with our project, we took two main points into consideration. One of them is this unique history of the Piazza di San Matteo, the other one is the repeating identity of Genova’s public spaces. We wanted to develop a project to create a difference about public spaces and emphasize the history at the same time. We wanted this piazza to be a different experience.

That’s how we came up with the skateboarding. We realized that there wasn’t much activities or functions in public spaces for attracting a different kind of user, especially young generation. As we wanted to create a different experience, we chose an extreme activity to make it stand out but at the same time make use of the potential of the site.

Skateboarding is a rebellious activity where the skateboarders want to interact with the spaces and surfaces in any way they want, rather than spaces and functions which are telling them what to do. Therefore instead of designing the movements and functions, we designed the scenes where skateboarders can be a part of it.

Through our design we tried to create a different experience on the public area where users can interact with and actually be part of the design.



Maryam Gholami
Tomurcuk Nar
Sarper Yalcinsoy

Spring 2018


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