Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Ponte di legno, Cheese stop

July 5th, 2018



In the high mounttain area of Alps,  a tiny vllage named Vescasa Bassa, two section of historical ruin walls are our construction site.

The easy-to-build structure is located on a ruined wall with a hundred years of history. A part of the ruins was transformed into an event square and viewing platform overlooking the distance. The workshop and a structure of a cowshed and straw storage can be enjoyed by tourists, locals or animals during the pleasant season of the year.

The idea of the cheese workshop is to hope that the function of this village in history can be realized in today’s life in another form. We recreate and protect the ruins of the wall and make it part of the public event. The best protection for old buildings is that they can continue to be used in future life.

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