Exhibition “Robb.. de matt! Gli oggetti raccontano Enzo Jannacci”

July 5th, 2018










The project is an exhibition about Enzo Jannacci, a singer, actor and comedian from Milan, that tells and breaks up the character throught the object than he uses in his song, objects of daily life that became protagonist and recurring metaphors, using in the space the idea of ordered chaos typical of Jannacci. Concept of free space is in the freedom of exhibition itinerary and in the adaptability of the project in other context, the exhibition is divided in zones but in the interior you can chose to follow a theme, thanks to the floor infographic, without lose thread of the exphosition. Everything starts with an introduction about talking objects, here you can listen dialogues between Jannacci and the objects and see on the bright rotating panels 4 stories of the objects of his song that in the interior create the theme, marginalization for tennis shoes, illusion for light pole, music for record player and separation for airplane. Inside from an interactive map of Milan starts the thematic line that goes inside the object warehouse. At the entrance visitors can take a catalog of the objects and can search it in grid warehouse that orders each topic with different exposition and interaction with the objects. In the emargination, protagonist’s personal objects, are surrounded with imagines and videos about stories. In the illusion, on rotating cubes containing light that turn on and off, you can read serious texts about illusion, in contrast with the comic gestures of the artist. In music, when visitors walk through, the instruments speak with them and some, play video with touch. In separation, the objects speak with each other and turn off the line that connects them at the end of conversation. Out of the warehouse, the floor infographic goes on a panel with all the works of Jannacci and connects them with the discs that contain songs. At the end, visitors can listen to the song of the object exposed, on the benches with headphones and see in the box, videos and interviews with greater knowledge adquired during the exhibition.

Silvia Di Mauro

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