Design for New Actors’s House and Performance Space in the Former Castellavazzo Cement Works

July 5th, 2018

The main idea behind the project was to integrate a new function while also keeping the identity of the formal cement work. The facility in its present state is completely abandoned. Each building’s insides were gutted until only the bare walls, just the empty structure remained. We would like to augment this attribute with the demolition of every structure that wasn’t made of reinforced concrete, leaving only a tectonic concrete skeleton behind. At the same time the new additions will be highlighted with different characteristics. The new additions of the integrated circulation system and the internal parts of the theater will be made of steel, which touches the existing complex only when necessary. We also used the color red to accentuate them.


We re-evaluated the core of the factory that is comprised of the 3 silos in the center. We would like to create a brand new spatial experience, so we integrated the main spiral staircase inside the first silo and used the space inside the other two to create contemporary performance halls. The new structures don’t touch the walls of the cylinders at all, for this purpose they are hanged down from the ceiling. Because of the secondary staircase on the main façade, the core is well connected to its surroundings. It allows entrance into the theater from the garden and also from the residential areas, this makes movement throughout the whole building possible. Considering the residential area, we decided to take advantage of the two ruins adjacent to the silos. We have created a two-story environment, where the private spaces mixed with the common areas. Necessary services could be found on every floor and the connections always recall the initial concept.

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