Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Inside In Sight

July 5th, 2018

Albert Karam

Inside In Sight

The small village of Vescasa Bassa is a unique place in the high mountains, it is located near Ponte di Legno but suffers nowadays from a lack of inhabitants especially in winter times when thick and heavy snow covers the region.

The proposal aims to take advantage of the site by using the area around the old ruins creating 3 stargazing renting rooms each framing a different viewpoint followed by one main library space with a reception containing a fireplace and a large opening towards the valley below. In order to preserve the charm of the place, volumes are held by pilotis keeping in this way the ruins and landscape around intact and embracing  its natural beauty, new activities are generated within the site by using covered spaces under or near the volumes thus giving life back to the old village.

The project  is easy to realize as it is all based on prefabricated solutions and mass production, it uses advanced roofing, solar and water gathering systems to provide for the whole village. An addition that would improve the village s sustainability as well as its space, strongly focusing on architecture’s ability to provide free and additional spatial gifts to those who use it.


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