Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: elementSansiro

July 5th, 2018

During the Interior Design Studio held by professors Rizzi and Sarto, ended some days ago, we focused on the regeneration of the popular neighbourhood of San Siro in Milan. We designed a masterplan in order to make the area more attractive and functional both to the inhabitants and to the citizens in general and then we focused on the interior design of some buildings of the neighbourhood. For example, regarding the topic of freespaceas a free and additional space given to the users in order to improve their life, we decided to provide each building in via Ricciarelli with a newsolar greenhouse. We decided to design a solar greenhouse in order to solve the problem of the dimensions of the apartments: we had a lot of people seeking for a house in San Siro and not so many houses available with the right dimensions imposed by the Italian law. Due to these considerations, we designed this solar greenhouse in the south façade of the building as a device that can modify both the dimensions and the interior characteristics of the apartments during the year. In fact, during the summer it works like an ordinary balcony: the glass panels are opened while the wood panels can be moved in order to shade the space and the solar greenhouse appears like an exterior annex to the residential space. In winter, the glass panels are closed while the wood ones can be packed up in order to allow the solar light to permeate the greenhouse, which becomes an extension of the interior space. In this way, the apartments gain both quantitative and qualitative characteristics. The extension of the living room in the greenhouse enlarges the dimension of the apartment and it provides the users with a new space with different characteristics: the new winter annex is warm, sunny, comfortable and perfect for growing some small plants.

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