Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: BOX

July 5th, 2018

To project a new temporary residence we decided to start from the new open spaces in and out our building. Firstly we decided that the new internal square should be linked to the open space in front of the lot through a visual relationship, thanks to the use of a continuous glass window that runs throughout the building. The main entrance can be reached through the square that connects the sidewalk with the level at -0.98m of the entrance itself thanks to the play of triangles and various slopes. 

the flows are greeted by a double-height wall covered with a golden material. It represents the first visible element that leads to the entrance, located on the adjacent wall.

The special feature of our building is the cladding. We decided to use a stainless steel cladding in iron grey, modulated according to four types, which contrasted with the clarity and transparency of the curtain wall on the ground floor, with the intention of recreating a box that would act as a filter between inside and outside.

The concept of the BOX was also brought in the interiors of the project. In fact, on the ground floor, we have inserted three separate boxes that contain more private functions. In the basement were provided public functions such as a vertical supermarket, co-working and bicycle storage.

From the upper floor begin the residences. As you go up the concept of residence becomes more and more linked to privacy. We begin with common kitchen and common rooms to then go up and find real apartments, for two or four people, or multi apartments (called MULTI FLEX) that can be divided if necessary. All the interiors are made flexible and temporary thanks to sliding panels, able to create privacy, but at the same time community. The internal distribution is also designed taking always into account the concept of the BOX, which is perceptible up to the roof.

In general, the concept of BOX is treated in such a way that, on public and semi-public floors, it acts as a container, while the more space is privatised, the more the “box” acts as a content, that is, what organizes, manages and makes the space live.

These are what we considered free spaces: a space in which you can be the actor of the place where you live.



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