Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: AUTISM DAYCARE CENTER

July 5th, 2018

Hello, everyone. This is Chen, from China. I am going to introduce the model of the Interior design studio, which is made during the second semester at Politecnico.

The function of the building, which is decided by our group, is autism daycare center. And this is two floors out of the four floors building – ground floor and first floor. The ground floor is a dining hall while the first floor is the classroom for autism children.

And the most exciting part of our project is the double wall system, which is made by curved wall. In the first place, the double wall system is designed to keep the noise out of the classroom for the need of the autism children. Later, we put some part of the furniture between the walls, making the room clean and complete. In that case, I would like to call them furniture wall. To be specific, there are three types of furniture wall, first the storage, with the beginning height at 40cm, storage is the most common type for different rooms; second, the desk, with the starting height at 70cm, desk is used in the big rooms and, they can also be placed a sink or some vegetation; third, the partition. For the flexible use of the room, we design partitions hiding in the furniture wall, and they can be pulled out to separate the room when necessary.

By applying the furniture wall system, rooms can get rid of cabinet and desk, to some extent.
Just like the relationship between serving space and functional space, for example bathroom and bedroom, the wall is playing role of the serving space, which encourage the room concentrates on the function itself. In that case, the room itself becomes an more integral space, a free void.


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