Base Camp

July 5th, 2018

Base Camp 

by Nicholas Delle Donne and Matilde Accademia Del Pio

Base Camp is a floating architecture project that was designed to be based in a complex of floating architecture on Iseo Lake, close to the town of Sulzano, Italy. 

The idea of creating  a floating structure is due to reflect on the land consumption , an important issue of European Countries. 

It fulfils a space that is though for a family of four people, two adults with their own children as their holiday dwelling. The main concept of the work is  to recreate a kind of spring over the lake. Its develop is due to the landscape contest of the lake: the purpose was to create different breaks into the walls that could create amazing point of views over the contest. 

This architecture is divided in three main volumes that are assembled between each other.In the first volume are settled the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. This space is characterised by a double high that connects vertically the living room to the Base Camp. In the second one there is the “Base Camp”, a space that is dedicated to discover the beauty of the place and to approach to nature. This area is used to experience your own senses and it is a space where the whole family can have fun, relax and enjoy the sky through a skylight on the roof. In the third volume there are the two bedrooms. 

We can see this architecture also as a telescope where the lens is individuated in the main window wall of the facade which is characterised by some pillars that create a kind of diaphragm and by pivot hinge windows that can be opened or closed according to the needs of the family, joining the living room to the terrace outside. The other windows of the architecture are created in the breaks due to the separation of the three volumes, leaving all the main facades as a continuous wall. 

Important aspects of the structure are that it is realised in X-lam and it is based on a Flex base, a technology that is used for floating structures. 

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