An innovative kindergarten in Trenno

July 5th, 2018


A kindergarten and a civic center just outside Milan are the purpose
of this design. The project has the aim to create an attractive pole
for the community of Trenno and the surrounding area. In particular
the park of Trennowith its green areas and sport facilities, plays a
crucial aggregation role. Therefore, the project has to create a
strong link and a studied relationship with it. The main axes that
generate the shape of the buildings and the open space are  driven by
the geometry of the site and  the main flows of people. The
kindergarten is the connection element among Trenno, the civic center
and the existing park. The design process focuses on the relationship
between architecture and pedagogy; therefore concepts as “open class”,
hallway/agora and a multisensorial garden with dedicated playgrounds
and a small open air theatre were considered and studied deeply.

The concept guiding the design of the kindergarten is that it must
give a sensation of freedom to children and convey the idea of
protection to their parents. This  is why  the  shape of  the entire
building recalls  the arms of a mother hugging her child. In fact, in
the hug  of a mother a child feels protected and at home and therefore
free to do whatever he wants.

Every class has its own colour and is recognisable also outside
through the coloured  splayed walls. The splays are also studied in
section for  the green building life: in this way the sun is filtered
in summer but keeps the building warm in winter.

The civic center, designed as two different buildings, delimited a big
public space in direct connection with the park of Trenno. These
buildings host  a café, an exhibition space/auditorium and a
laboratory for artisans. All these activities can also expand into the
square, that is beautified by the  presence of some spaces for urban
gardening for the community of Trenno.

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