4A Villa

July 5th, 2018

The project name is 4A Villa, and this is coming from the situation where four architect want’s to share a summer habitation close to the wonderful shore of the Iseo lake, more specifically on the Sulzano area, the premise was very tempting, but the lack of building area in these situation made the designers play with the floors and the difference of high of the terrain, so they create a splint one the first floor where all the bedrooms were placed with only two facades (the smaller ones) were opened.
At the ground floor were placed all the living volumes and each of them has an extrusion from the center of the level in a different orientation so each space was designed and placed with the idea of give the most light and view during the period when the room is more used.
As active Architect the client want also to had a space where they could work or receive their customer so they develop a workshop lifted and attached to the tree which is placed at the end of the wood-path that crossed the area and merged with the jagged terrain, functioning also as a crossline between the infinity pool witch become a water blade and the villa.
The main goal of the Architects was to build a space where the living and outside area become the main zones to live and the sleeping area lost his relevancy.
The concept was also characterized from the idea of build these villa with the X-lam technology that is in a strong develop in the north part of Italy but more specifically in the east side of Lombardy. This technical peculiarity allowed the customers to build faster and more in line with the sustainability of the planet and also give us another option to experience something different and better, in some case, respect our more traditional way of build.

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