Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: The carpets garden

July 3rd, 2018

Our project aims is to intervene in the space of the Garden of the Arts in Milan, through the use of a symbolic and spatial element extrapolated from the world of the Interior, the carpet, since even the garden can be considered as an interior. The carpet, being a deep structure, full of symbols and spatial possibilities, frees itself of its “two-dimensional image” and manifests itself, in the project, in its deepest conceptual nature, that is a device capable of generating multiple activities around itself, hosting collective and individual moments that belong to the daily life of a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city like Milan.
Starting from the study of the carpet and its various declinations in ancient civilizations, we have designed three spaces inspired by many types of traditional carpets. The material chosen for this operation is cement. In its “brutality”, in fact, cement has a high capacity to be contaminated with nature: it lets itself be penetrated by greenery and takes on unexpected nuances. It can be seen as an extremely artificial and natural material at the same time.
The first carpet is placed at the entrance to the garden and marks the threshold of the garden in a strong way. It looks like a long runner, whose decorative texture is inspired by the geometric abstraction of the Berber carpets.
The second carpet is inspired by the traditional Persian carpet, as the central fulcrum of being together as a family. The large rectangular cement surface, which we designed, incorporates the formal and symbolic characteristics of the traditional carpet: the perimeter frame, the central medallion and the fringes. In the center is placed a fountain that recalls the central courts of oriental palaces, to which many carpets are inspired.
For the third apparatus we were inspired by the individual experience related to the Muslim prayer carpet, the Mirhab, whose “solitary” character is expressed in its directional decorative texture. We have arranged six single carpets addressed towards Mecca, to guarantee the possibility of prayer to people of Muslim faith and the moments of practice of other laic cult activities related to the body, such as sport or meditation.

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