Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Reshape contemporary dwelling in Grattacielo Baselli

July 3rd, 2018

The Grattacielo Baselli in Milan, Italy, is a symbol of reconstruction after the second world war and this building becomes the scenario for our project about reshaping contemporary way of living.

By studying in detail different unconventional housing conditions, we choose some families and people who live in a “non standard situation” and put them in a project of co-living in which these different families are aggregated together and share the same dwelling. In that way we make possible for different tenants to have their own private space and to have a shared space that meet their needs and passions. With this co-living we improve the life conditions of our unconventional families and gave to them the possibility to share their interests together (for example we make two aggregations and in the first one the common living room could also be used as a dancing room, while in the second one there’s a shared laboratory for tenants who love to make design objects, mosaics and work with the iron).

We reset the first attic of the tower in order to create a common space for all the tenant of the floor that is made by: a vegetable garden, a small laundry and a common balcony. Communal facilities conceived to enhance the vitality and energy of shared experience. But we have to face the problem of an existing structure made by pillars and the façade and for that reason we use only fixed furniture alligned with pillars to create the space and we added panels and sliding doors instead of standard doors.

In the aggregation each single nucleus has his own bedroom/ bednish, bathroom and a small space for socialization (or a spare room) and shared space are strategically located to allow tenants to spontaneously encounter each other and to socialize.

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