Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Botanical Garden in Piazza Carignano

July 11th, 2018

The project is part of our interiors design studio focusing on the urban regeneration of piazzas in Italy. Our site was Piazza Carignano in Torino in which we proposed a new intervention, a botanical garden and exhibition space. The proposal came following our analysis of Torino and the absence of any natural or water element that can give life to the space. Our intervention came after noticing that we need a strong element, the water and a natural element, the trees that make people stay in the piazza and enjoy it. The space is designed as a piazza within a piazza, with submerged ponds filled with water, holding different kind of trees. The trees make the piazza work on a seasonal basis changing the aesthetic and functional use of the piazza. The ponds respond to the symmetry of the facades and hold a symmetry on their own creating circulation spaces and seating spaces in between them.  A main waterfall starting  from the side of palazzo Carignano distributes water to the space and emphasise the importance of it in the piazza. Furthermore, an underground gallery space relates to the exhibition of artworks from the palazzo carignano and strengthens the main axis of circulation in the piazza. Steps on either sides make people stay and relax in the piazza.

29/6/2018, Politecnico di Milano

Group Project: Myrto Pitara, Sanad Wir, Margaux Vitalis

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