Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Jupiter

July 9th, 2018

The theme of this interior design workshop was the creation of an art gallery in the city of Milan. Our design idea starts from the assumption that Architecture is Art. So we decided to give a structural form to the planet of Jupiter. Recently, NASA’s  space probe Juno  had published a series of evocative images that reveal its superficial mass in an unprecedented and almost pictorial way. These illustrations unearthed  various sensations, including curiosity. How could we  inhabit this planet which, unlike the earth, does not present an immediate solid surface but rather a deep gaseous mass? Can man manage to live in such a dimension? We tried to answer these questions through the tool we have: Architecture. Jupiter is divided into three macro parts which are: Atmosphere, Hydrogen and the Solid Core. The atmosphere is matched by the casing created by the artifice of a structural steel mesh, inspired by the wooden structures of Kengo Kuma. This allows us to support a series of pure volumes that represent the human experience within the planet. Around these “floating” volumes, taken from the drawings of the utopist  Yona Friedman, is the whole gas mass of the planet in which they are immersed. The solid core does not have a real transposition in the project because it is unattainable. Overall, the building can be read following a tripartition: the base which is enclosed in a 0.5 m mesh, where the functions of ticketing and offices are located, the central part scanned by a mesh of 1 m and finally the rooftop with a mesh that starts from 2 m and then grows to 4 m. The gallery’s exhibition rooms are located in the last two parts. The building is completed by a basement that houses the functions of: library, bar, bathrooms and technical room.

Project by: Julia Mainenti and Silvio De Mio

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