Biennale Sessions 2018_Frammenti ricuciti

July 6th, 2018

This project is about the requalification of the “Quartiere Adriano” in the north-east of Milan and is included in the most wide project of “Ri-formare Milano” The question of suburbs is a theme that interests different areas of the Metropolitan City, the school of architecture at Politecnico di Milano wants to analyse and to experiment many solutions in order to measure with the complexity, the articulation and the potentiality of this problematic zones that nowadays following remain unresolved. In particular this project works on the “corridoio verde”, a green area that cross from east to west the neighbourhood and that is now occupied by the transmission line. In a future forecast of bury this electric system the project wants to return this void space to the community, to the people who lives in this area, with three different layer of intervention. The first is the layer of the street. A new infrastructure to connect the “quartiere Andriano” with the nearby underground station of Cascina Gobba and tangenziale est, that wants to be a secondary road, less traffic, and easily crossed by pedestrians and bicyclists with also a new tram line. The second layer is the green linear park, that cross all the area and is designed in order to have different type of spaces, with trees, flowers and also an urban garden available from citizens. The last layer is the equipment one, that wants to giving the chance to practice a lot of different outdoor activities, there are for example some play fields, playgrounds and also an equipped area where organised conventions, expositions or also parties. All the interventions wants to give a new life to this free space that now doesn’t reflect the needs of this neighbourhood. The project ends with two new buildings that host the library and other connected activities that create a final point for this multifunctional space and connect the linear park to the canal of Martesana and to the system of “parco Lambro”.

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